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Project No. Project Name Download Documents APEC Fund Project Duration Economy
TEL 06/2005 APEC MRA-HRD Project: Training Program for Phase II Implementation MRA Phase II Report 20060306.doc     Jul. 2005-Jan. 2006 Australia
TEL 06/2005 APEC MRA-HRD Project: Training Program for Phase II Implementation_presentations MRA Phase2_presentations.zip     Jul.2005-Jan.2006 Australia
TEL03/2004T Training Program Design for Phase II Implementation APEC TEL 30 - Phase II Design Project report - final.doc   18,000.00 Feb.2004-Dec.2004 Australia
TEL 01/2003 Flow-based Internet Traffic Measurement and Analysis Final Report01200311.pdf   108,080.00 Mar. 2003-Nov. 2004 Republic of Korea
LSG Progress towards Adopting and Implementing the WTO Reference Paper Progress Towards Adopting  Implementing the WTO Reference Paper.doc     Canada
TEL 01/2003T Stocktake of Progress Toward the Key Elements of a Fully Liberalised Telecommunications Sector in the APEC Region comple/doc/t_com final 18_6.pdf   98,775.00 Jun.2003-Mar.2004 Australia
BFSG Improving Website Accessibility in the APEC Region    
TEL 01/2002 Optimal Topology of Testbeds and Simplified Commercial Networks in the APEC Region comple/doc/Final_Report030926.pdf   18,910.00 Mar.2002-May.2003 Republic of Korea
TEL 02/2002 Distance Learning Project on Telecommunications Technology comple/doc/Final_Report030318.doc   19,000.00 Jan.2002-Dec.2002 Republic of Korea
LSG APEC TEL Regulatory Structures Project Phase III - Regulatory Analysis Report: Trends and Challenges in the Regulation of Converging Markets RegulatoryAnalysisReportFINAL[1].doc    
LSG APEC TEL Regulatory Structures Project Phase III - Regulatory Options and Framework Report: Addressing the Needs of a Converging World RegulatoryOptionsandFrameworkReportFinal[1].doc    
TEL 02/2000 Interconnection Resources Project CompletedProjectTel02-2000.html   93,000.00 Feb.2000-Dec.2001 Australia
TEL03/1999T APEC MRA-HRD Training Design Project Tel 03 1999T.doc   20,000.00 Oct.1999-Jun.2001 Canada
TEL03/2000 Distance Learning Training Courses Project Tel 03 2000 final report.doc   19,000.00 Jun.2000-Oct.2000 Canada
LSG/06 Implementation of WTO Agreement on Basic Telecommunications Project AboutTELMIN-1.doc   43,000.00 Feb.1999-Feb.2000 Chinese Taipei
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Telecommunications & Information Working Group
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