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APEC Telecommunications and Information Working Group (TEL WG)
The Telecommunications & Information Working Group (TEL) is committed to improving the telecommunications and information infrastructure in the region and to facilitating effective cooperation, free trade and investment and sustainable development. The TEL's Program of Action covers implementation of the e-APEC Strategy, implementation of the Digital Divide Blueprint for Action, promoting policy and regulatory measures to liberalise trade and investment in the telecommunications and information sector, e-security, e-government, mutual recognition arrangements for the conformity assessment of telecommunications equipment, human capacity building and an active dialogue with the business community.

The Telecommunications and Information Working Group (TEL) was formed in 1990. Under its first Chair, the United States, TEL was charged to address human resource development; technology transfer and regional cooperation; opportunities for on-site visits; observerships and fellowships; and telecommunications standardization. The work of TEL is accomplished by four steering groups, which propose, implement and monitor projects and activities to advance the overall goals of APEC. Each steering group addresses a specific priority area; liberalization; business facilitation; development cooperation; and human resource development.
ㆍ 1990 APEC TEL1, Singapore
ㆍ 1991 APEC TEL2, Malaysia
APEC TEL3, Japan
APEC TEL4, Indonesia
ㆍ 1992 APEC TEL5, Korea
APEC TEL6, United States
ㆍ 1993 APEC TEL7, Australia
APEC TEL8, Philippines
ㆍ 1994 APEC TEL9, Hong Kong, China
APEC TEL10, Thailand
ㆍ 1995 APEC TEL11, Canada
APEC TEL12, China
ㆍ 1996 APEC TEL13, Chile
APEC TEL14, Chinese Taipei
ㆍ 1997 APEC TEL15, Mexico
APEC TEL16, New Zealand
ㆍ 1998 APEC TEL17, Brunei Darussalam
APEC TEL18, Papua New Guinea
ㆍ 1999 APEC TEL19, Japan
APEC TEL20, Peru
ㆍ 2000 APEC TEL21, United States
APEC TEL22, Indonesia
ㆍ 2001 APEC TEL23, Australia
APEC TEL24, Korea
ㆍ 2002 APEC TEL25, Viet Nam
APEC TEL26, The Russian Federation
ㆍ 2003 APEC TEL27, Malaysia
APEC TEL28, Chinese Taipei
ㆍ 2004 APEC TEL29, Hong Kong, China
APEC TEL30, Singapore
ㆍ 2005 APEC TEL31, Bangkok, Thailand
 APEC TEL32, Seoul, Korea
ㆍ 2006 APEC TEL33, Calgary, Canada


APEC TEL Structure

APEC TEL Executive Committee

  APEC TEL Members

Member Economies are as follows:

Australia; Brunei Darussalam; Canada; Chile; China; Hong Kong, China; Indonesia; Japan; Republic of Korea; Malaysia; Mexico; New Zealand; Papua New Guinea; Peru; the Philippines; Russian Federation; Singapore; Chinese Taipei; Thailand; Viet Nam; United States.

Guests are as follows:

AOEMA; APLAC; APCERT; APT; Colombia; INTUG; GBDe; Macao, China.

Official Observers are as follows:

ASEAN; PECC; Pacific Islands Forum.

  Contact Information
APEC Telecommunications and Information Working Group Chair
Dr. Inuk Chung
Director, APIICC
Korea Information Society Development Institute
Republic of Korea
Tel: (82) 2 570-4060
Fax: (82) 2 570-4169/4419
e-mail:chungi@kisdi.re.kr, telchair@kisdi.re.kr
APEC Telecommunications and Information Working Group Vice-Chair
Dr. Arnon Tubtiang  
Vice President  
TOT Corporation Public Company Limited  
Tel: (66) 2575-9141  
Fax: (66) 2575-9144  
e-mail: arnont@tot.co.th  
APEC Secretariat
Ms. Monica Ochoa
Director (Program)
Tel: (65) 6772-7661
Fax: (65) 6775-6013
e-mail: mop@apec.org
Assistant to the Chair
Ms. Christine Paik
Tel: (82) 2 570-4416
Fax: (82) 2 570-4419
e-mail: jwpaik@kisdi.re.kr
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Telecommunications & Information Working Group
Please send your comments or suggestions to admin@apectelwg.org Copyright (C) APEC Secretariat